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Cyndy Porter Style Conversation Dressing with Intention for your best first impression

I am sure that many of you reading this are wondering why I have changed my business and what it means for you and Cyndy Porter Creative Photography. First I want to say that I haven’t changed my business, I’ve only given the business a unique profile and I’m loving it! Cyndy Porter Style & Photography is about much more than just creating images, it’s about changing lives. I am passionate about building self-esteem and celebrating beauty. I want to empower women to feel beautiful, have confidence, and accomplish great things in their life as well in the lives of others. By blending Photography and Style for women and girls of all ages, we are not changing the business, but rather changing lives and celebrating beauty.

Those of you who know me well, know that I love photography. I love the people, the families, the babies, the professionals. I love photography. Bringing out the true essence and beauty of my subjects and turning their images into art is what I yearn for. However, about a year ago many of my female clients began telling me how working with me changed how they felt about themselves. WOW! Girls from ten years old through women in their late sixties began telling me that they never realized how beautiful they are until I showed them. This was so amazing and humbling. It felt great to know that I was having this kind of impact on women and knew I needed to do more of that.

I noticed more and more how much I enjoyed working and connecting with women. The photography session would come to an end, but I wouldn’t want it to end and neither would they. Together we’d laugh, reflect, and make amazing images that celebrated their authenticity. I realized I have been given this great opportunity to change how women feel about themselves on a daily basis. What woman wouldn’t want to do that all day? I get to help women realize that they are truly, naturally beautiful and join in celebrating that with them! It’s just so amazing.
In the meantime I also began to look for ways to have an added impact on the women I encounter. First things first, I needed more confidence in myself. Have you ever seen TLC’s What Not to Wear? Believe it or not, my husband is addicted to the show. I on the other hand, knew how to tell my clients what to wear and how to create a beautiful portrait, but really never applied those same principles to myself. My husband tried very lovingly (and sometimes not so lovingly) to advise me on what he thought I should wear and sometimes what NOT to wear. Lucky for my husband I was invited to a one day workshop to have my colors done and learn a little about how to dress. To be honest, I needed it! I immediately realized that I discuss with my clients color harmony and what to wear for their portraits all the time, so shouldn’t that translate into what I should wear? The answer was a resounding YES! I realized I could begin making women feel beautiful not only in their images, but in their daily lives. Again, how awesome is that!?!!
I was inspired and hit the ground running. I immediately met with the renowned Carla Mathis of the Body Beautiful Institute, an icon in the Style and Imaging world. Carla is an artist and believes that every body is beautiful, as the name suggests. Just as art has guidelines that many are careful not to break, Carla has guidelines (not strict rules) for how to celebrate the beauty in each body. I quickly saw how I could apply my prior knowledge of art composition to the art of dressing. I learned how to work with a woman’s body proportions, lines, shapes, and color. Most importantly, I learned how to help them figure out and celebrate who they are and then communicate that to the world.
Since graduating from the Body Beautiful Institute, I have already held several workshops and am so excited about this new profile for my business! Working one on one with so many women has already been amazing, and the women seem to think so as well. Body Beautiful Institute’s website says “changing the world one body at a time.” I sincerely feel that we can do this with Cyndy Porter Style & Photography. I am already seeing woman begin to celebrate their beauty, feel empowered, gain confidence, and feel great about their natural selves every day.
PS. I did gain more confidence in myself and learned some things about my own style. My husband is LOVING my new look. I’ve got to admit that I LOVE feeling beautiful every day and hearing his praise has been great for our marriage.



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