Personal Stylist, Image Consultant, Fashion Expert and Photographer in Northern Virginia

Most women are never taught how to feel beautiful. In many cases, we were taught the opposite. Too many of us left our childhood filled with self-doubt and self-criticism only to be confronted by unnaturally thin, air-brushed models and unrealistic expectations.

My road was particularly rough. I never felt good about how I looked. I was a shy, insecure girl; a target for bullies. I was sensitive and took everything to heart. Not only did I not believe I was pretty I didn’t believe I was smart.

When we don’t feel good about ourselves we look to the world to prove we are as unworthy as we believe we are. We make bad decisions about friendships, relationships, and our careers. Using principles based in science and art, I have developed a unique personal branding strategy to transform any woman, create a new, powerful image and empower her to live her life with confidence and passion.

Every woman deserves to feel beautiful. Every woman should leave her house with the confidence that she can take on the world. No, it’s not all about how you look. But your personal brand is one more tool you can put in your toolbox that will empower you to succeed.