Personal stylist Cyndy Porter received her degree in marketing, from California State University, Chico. She spent 20 years as a sales and marketing professional in high-tech companies. Her stops included WAIS (one of the first Internet companies in existence) and Kodak. Her final stop on the corporate ladder was as a divisional Vice President of Marketing at American Online (AOL).

Thereafter, Cyndy became an award-winning professional photographer. She is certified as a Color Expert and Image Consultant by the Body Beautiful Institute, now The Style Core.

Cyndy is no stranger to career change. After 20 years in sales and marketing, she started a photography business, eventually transitioning to image and style consulting. Many of her clients are women in transition.

Just as she has transformed her own life, she seeks to help clients transform theirs. As a personal stylist, she has worked with people from all walks of life. Her mission is to help women look and feel beautiful, confident, and powerful. (She works with men too!)

Her clients have gone on to start their own businesses, multiply their incomes, change careers, be promoted, and forge healthy relationships.

What Our Clients Say
Picture of Mary Sue Dahill
Mary Sue Dahill

I wanted to have a compelling story to communicate what makes me unique, my why for doing what I do. I didn’t see a connection behind my personal story until I worked with Cyndy. Her core story process helped me articulate what I do and when I share my story it draws people to me. This messaging and communication has helped me exponentially attract more clients.