Personal Stylist, Image Consultant, Fashion Expert and Photographer in Northern Virginia

Our Company Values: 

To create experiences that wow.

To be transparent, authentic, truthful and kind.

To have open and honest communications internally and externally.

To offer a consistent experience to our clients, employee’s and vendors.

To be accountable for our actions.

To live up our commitments and always do the right thing.

To communicate what we stand for: equality and tolerance for all human beings.

To be socially conscious.

To deliver quality.

To be generous.

Cyndy Porter is an expert personal branding, image and style consultant, and inspiring public speaker.

Being a marketing professional, I was constantly reminded of the messages that the media sends to the world. Airbrushed models, unrealistic expectations. Those images and expectations took a toll on me before I had even entered the workforce. Those are the same messages our loved ones face each day, and while we are making great strides in changing the definition of “beautiful,” we have tools we can use now to feel self-confident, beautiful, and powerful.

Our mission is to transform women’s lives by providing them with the knowledge, skills, and confidence that they are presenting the best version of themselves to the world.

How? Hands-on and real-world workshops, one-on-one coaching/consulting, and events that will teach you:

Your image is powerful. Creating and showcasing your personal style is a building block for professional success. Cyndy’s personal branding expertise, fashion and style guidance will lead you to a better understanding of your strengths and best features. Cyndy brings fashion and function together, a vital combination for every woman everywhere. With Cyndy Porter’s expertise, there are no flaws, only a flawless personal brand that is reflected from head to toe while radiating from within.

Marketing your professional image. Cyndy began her career in sales and marketing and became a divisional vice president at a media conglomerate. Today, Success thru Style builds on that business knowledge and experience, providing personal branding, image and style services locally in Metro D.C., Maryland and Northern VA, as well as globally.

You are art in motion. Success thru Style provides a variety of programs to teach individuals, groups, companies and large audiences how to create a personal brand and apply art principles to how they dress–the same principles used to create beautiful portraiture or art of any kind.  Success thru Style teaches how to see oneself in artful terms and how to express oneself through image, style, and photography.

Professional success is a combination of hard work, dedication and confidence in yourself. Your personal brand should reflect all those things, as well as your unique style. With Cyndy and her understanding of business, photography, and branding, you are given the tools to achieve Success thru Style.