Personal Stylist, Image Consultant, Fashion Expert and Photographer in Northern Virginia

Cyndy Porter is the founder and owner of Success thru Style. She coaches professional women in discovering their personal brand and living it inside and out.

Cyndy is like most women in many ways. She was never taught how to feel beautiful. In fact, she was taught the opposite. She was a shy, sensitive, and insecure girl—a target for bullies. And she took everything to heart. She was even convinced that she wasn’t smart.

Too many of us women leave our childhoods filled with self-doubt and self-criticism, even if we are not bullied. Popular culture compounds these problems by confronting us with unnaturally thin, air-brushed models and unrealistic expectations.

Cyndy’s road was particularly rough. She never felt good about how she looked. Her life choices were based on her sense of unworthiness. Her experiences reinforced that sense.

Cyndy is like us, and she is exceptional, too. Eventually she began to realize that how you feel about yourself affects all your decisions about friendships, relationships, and career. If you can turn around your self-image, you can turn around your life.

That’s exactly what Cyndy did. She turned her life around and built a career. Now she has built her own company designed to do this for others. Using principles based in science, art, psychology, and business marketing, Cyndy has developed a unique personal branding strategy that empowers women to have a powerful self-image and live their lives with poise and confidence.

Cyndy believes every woman deserves to feel beautiful. Every woman should leave her house with the confidence that she can take on the world.

Cyndy has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, Marketing, from California State University, Chico. She spent 20 years as a sales and marketing professional in a number of high tech organizations including WAIS (one of the first Internet companies in existence), Kodak, and her final corporate position as a divisional Vice President of Marketing at AOL. Cyndy started her own business over ten years ago after she got certified as a professional photographer from Professional Photographers of America. Since that time she has taken thousands of head shots, and personal branding images and she has won several awards in professional print competitions.  She knew that more than photography her desire is to help women know they are beautiful, confident and powerful so she continued her education and five years ago was certified as a Color Expert and Image Consultant by the prestigious Body Beautiful institute, now Style Core.

It is Cyndy’s mission and the mission of her company, Success thru Style, to help women everywhere develop the confidence they need to show up in the world as their true self and succeed on their own terms.