Don’t you love to see a woman in a hat. When it’s done well, she looks so confident and put together. Hats, however, are a challenge for most women. Many stay clear of them because they just aren’t sure what is right for them. By understanding a few fundamentals you too can wear this statement accessory and add dimension to your look.

It’s true not all hats look good on all women. The biggest factor to take into consideration is the shape of your face. Your personality, natural color palette and facial features will factor in as well.

What’s your face shape?

Circular Face Shape

Circular Face Shape

Your face is circular if it is round and equally wide as it is long.

If you have a circle shaped face your goal is to create length. Look for hats with a tall crown this will give you that height you need. Some ideas are medium to long brim fedoras, porkpies and trilby styles. Avoid anything low to the head and rounded—this will only accentuate the roundness.

Oblong Face Shape

Your face is oblong if it is narrow and significantly longer than it is wide.

 If you have an oblong shaped face, you’ll want something with a little width and a shorter crown that will balance out the length of your face. A medium sized floppy, cloche or bucket style would work best.

Square Face Shape

Your face is square if it is angular, your face is equally wide to long and you have a square jaw line.

If you have a square shaped face, you’ll want to soften the angles. Look for hats with a curved silhouette. Consider wearing, floppies, cloches, or bowler styles to round out your features.

Heart Face Shape

Your face is heart shaped if you have a wide forehead and pointed jaw line.

If you have a heart shaped face, you’ll want to slim the forehead to make it appear narrower. Any hat with a brim that is medium in length will achieve this.

Oval Face Shape

Your face is oval if it is roundish and longer than it is wide.

If you have an oval shaped face, you are lucky because most hats will look good on you.

If your face is small, be careful not to overpower yourself with too wide of a brim. Look for a hat that is short to medium sized. Conversely, if your face is on the larger side, look for styles with more width. This will help your face look smaller in contrast. The same technique works with facial features. For example, if you want your nose to look smaller, a great way to do this is with an exaggerated brim that echoes the shape of your nose.

As with all accessories and clothes you choose it is best to always bring attention to your face and most commonly your eyes. You can do this with an interesting hat and specifically hats with embellishments. Also tucking your hair behind your ears will bring the attention upward.

Don’t overlook color. Just like the clothes and accessories you wear, any hat you choose must compliment your natural color palette. If you are best in warm colors then most certainly your hat should be in warm tones as well. If you know your “wow” colors, wearing a hat in one of these colors that compliments your outfit will get you noticed for your stunning individual style.

Finally, always, always, always take your personality into consideration. If you have an elegant/sophisticated personality, don’t wear a baseball cap or cowboy hat. In this case a floppy hat, pillbox or fascinator would be best. If you are creative, whimsical or bohemian, you should definitely wear hats with great colors and embellishments in a style that tells your story. If you are a sporty/natural a baseball cap is fine. Maybe find one in leather or wool that is a bit more upscale than a team sponsoring version.

Hats are a lot of fun and can go a long way to take your look to the next level. Wear them with confidence.