Jeans: Finding Your Perfect Fit (Without Throwing One!)

Perfect jeans fit

Jeans are a staple in most women’s wardrobes;  you can dress them up or down, wear them rarely or you may feel you can never have too many pairs. But one thing I am sure we can all agree on is that we aren’t happy if our jeans don’t fit perfectly.

A great fitting pair of jeans makes all the difference. So what’s right for you: skinny, trouser, faded with tears and rips, dark wash, boot cut, flare or curvy?

5 ways to find your perfect fit:

1. Style: Let’s start with the Skinny Jean. They have been popular for years now, but are they right for you? Mostly likely, NOT! Skinny jeans are a stylist’s nightmare. Why don’t designers make clothes that actually fit the average woman? Do they really think we want to emphasize our hips and make it bigger by contrast, giving us the look of an ice cream cone? Also, it’s not attractive to wear a tunic to cover up those skinny jeans, unless you want to look like a lollipop – a stick on the bottom and a wide, shapeless blob on top. How these became popular and why they are still around is beyond me. Who DO they look good on? Well, just as the name implies, if you are tall and skinny you can get away with them. Even so, I much prefer the skinny flare.
What’s a Skinny Flare? This is a very flattering pant. It fits well around the waist and is slim along the legs but just above the ankle it flares, creating width at your feet and a balance point for your hips. This is a great look for women with lean trim legs but some width around their hips. It is also great for a rectangle body type that needs to create curves wherever possible.
On the other end of the spectrum from the skinny we find the Trouser Jean with spandex. I love these for women over 40. They are comfortable, they give where you give, they come up over your tummy holding it in, so there’s no muffin top hanging over the waistband. Not My Daughters Jeans, were the first to introduce this concept but it is now available everywhere. If you are self-conscious of your weight, this is a great jean to consider. They are more refined and sophisticated in appearance than most other jeans out there.
Then there’s the Bootleg Jean. This is the standard stemming from the old west where the pant leg needed to fit over cowboy boots. This is a flattering style and can be found in low-rise as well as high rise, dark wash, stone wash, distressed, you name it. Because the pant is a little wider at the shoe it helps to balance out a gal’s hips avoiding that inverted triangle look that is common with the skinny.
2. Color:  Jeans are blue, but they are also white, black, gray and every other color you can image. When you add color to a jean it takes the style up a notch. It is still a casual look but much more of a statement. If you love the practicality and comfort of jeans but want something a bit more interesting I recommend looking into jeans in a color.
3. Wash: Over the years we have seen acid wash, stone wash, faded, torn, and of course a dark wash jeans. I suggest thinking about your personal brand or style identity when it comes to this. The dark wash is not a fad and is a classic style. It is best for someone who wants to be perceived as elegant, sophisticated, classic. If you are more trendy, sexy, bohemian or youthful, some of the others can be a fun addition to your wardrobe.
4. Pockets: I’m sure you have seen a large variety in the size, shape and design of pockets on jeans. Rhinestones, details, colored thread, all bring attention. If you wish your bottom was larger these are great. If you wish it was smaller, then stay away from embellishments in that area. Also, a small pocket can make you look large as can a large pocket. If you want to deemphasize this area I would go with a pocket to scale.
5. Rise – The final factor is the rise of the pant. Knowing your body proportions will help with this decision. For example, if you have a long torso you will want a mid to low rise jean. If you wear a low rise be sure to also wear an untucked top and a layered look. If you are self-conscious of your belly, a high rise pant is a good choice to hold it all in.

Having jeans in your closet can be a great go-to for comfort, versatility and style. Learn which style of jeans are right for you and think of it as your formula. Once you know your style or styles, the best color, wash, pockets and rise, you will no longer struggle to find the right pair of jeans for you. My favorite tip: figure out which designer makes the best fit for you and buy multiple pairs.




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