Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Fall Fashion Show

Last week I had the pleasure of styling and emceeing the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Fall Fashion Show. It was a lot of work but well worth it.

I got to work with four amazing women all with different body types, professions and personalities.  My objective was to incorporate the latest 2014 fall fashion trends, with the available inventory at sponsors stores.  In this case Ann Taylor Outlet and Jones of New York Outlet.  I also wanted to create a unique look that worked for each model.  Every day clothes that made them look amazing and that they could buy and wear if they chose to.  There were a couple of cases where they told me, “I would never have picked this out for myself and absolutely love it!”  I think that illustrates how important it is to step out of your box and get creative when you shop.  It might also show the value in having a trained eye by your side 🙂

I actually held a mini workshop for the models that could attend.  So I could get to know them, take some measurements, assess their natural colors and be sure I was picking the right looks for them.
As they walked down the runway I could talk about them and why the clothes and accessories were right for them.  I of course talked about the clothes as well.

I made the point that it is helpful to know what is in style but just because a certain color is “in” right now doesn’t mean you should buy it.  There are lots of trends to be aware of so there is most certainly something for every women. My advice, if it is in style and it is right for you, now is a good time to shop. But don’t buy things just because they are on trend, buy them because they tell your unique story and flatter your body.
The goal is to communicate who you are and showcase your best features.
I published a 2014 Fall Fashion Trends Report that I gave out at this event and if you would like a copy click here or go to my Resources page.



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