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This podcast on Motivation Addict with Julie, Cyndy will help you understand how to Own Your Style and how your self-confidence and image is defined by how you dress.


Glowing Up: The Business of Personal Image & Self Esteem

eWomenNetwork Member Spotlight: Cyndy on turning confidence into a career

What Our Clients Say
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Rebecca Gaither

Event Planner

Cyndy is definitely on to something powerful. The information and direction she provided through example and group discussion was spot on. Cyndy’s expert eye for style and inner beauty combine with her methods to make visual magic.

About Cyndy

Cyndy Porter’s image consulting is in a class of its own. She doesn’t just follow the fashion trends and tell you how you should dress. Instead, she guides you to discover who you are, love yourself in all your uniqueness, and apply timeless artistic principles to look your best, authentic self.

Cyndy has learned the hard way that when you show up in the world with confidence, you make good choices and earn respect. She has helped hundreds of professional and entrepreneurial women face the challenges of career changes, relationship challenges, and transitions in life. She’s here to empower you to be confident so you can succeed on your own terms.