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Fake It Until You BECOME It

BB Are you a dreamer? Do you want to… Have a six figure business or larger? Make a major impact on the world? Leave a legacy? Move up the corporate ladder and join the C Suite of executives? Start a non-profit organization that helps people in need, the environment, mankind? Retire with passive income so […]

Body Image—Not What You See, But How You Feel

Cultivating a Positive Body Image at Every Age Can you learn to be grateful for who you are inside and out? “If you can learn to like how you look, and not the way you think you look, it can set you free.” — Gloria Steinem Let’s talk about body image. Tara is 5’ 5”, […]

Diverse and “Right Sized,” New Success thru Style Avatars Help Target Your Personal Style

Many women, including myself, struggle for much of our lives to find a style we love. What would it feel like to really hone in and target your personal brand? I mean a personal style we can call our own, one that expresses who we are and showcases our best features. It’s tough.   The problem […]

Being Your Authentic Personal Brand in Business, in Good Times and Bad

Your Authentic Personal Brand in Business In late August I sent out a series of emails about being your authentic personal brand in business that attracted so much attention I thought I’d better blog on the topic! It started with a post about the pantsuit that Vice Presidential nominee Kamala Harris wore to give her […]

Using Avatars to Find a Style We Love (Or Why the Average Woman Wears Just 20% of What’s in Her Closet!)

Many women, including myself, struggle for much of our lives to find a style we love. More than that, we struggle with feeling good about how we look.  We buy clothes we think are going to change all that, yet find more and more items hanging in our closet that go unworn.   We might try […]

Virtual Meeting Makeover: Rock Your Style In Virtual Meetings!

Less than 7 seconds to make a first impression. Six months to change it! TELECONFERENCE: Wednesday, July 1, 3:00 – 4:40 p.m. ET The One Problem I Can Solve For You Right Now: Rocking Your Style in Virtual Meetings! Life is constantly providing us with problems. If it’s not our personal problems, and our families’ […]