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Ethical Fashion: How Your Wardrobe Affects The Planet (+ Sustainable Fashion Ideas)

Ethical fashion can have direct positive impacts – not only your wardrobe, but on the planet too. I want to share some of the surprising impacts the fashion industry has on the planet – and what we can do to help. As an image consultant, I’ve always told my clients that their clothing can be […]

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What to Wear for the Holidays in 2021

They are here. The holidays. Regardless of what you celebrate this time of year – the holidays are here.  Are you planning to host a party or attend some? What about New Year’s Eve – will you finally get to throw on some sparkle to ring in the New Year?  We can only hope 2022 […]

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Why You Should Shop Black Friday  (For Yourself)!

I used to cringe at the very idea of schlepping to a retail store on the day after Thanksgiving – and fighting with crowds – to get a “deal.” As you may know, fighting isn’t really my thing! But the deals are real and, if you shop Black Friday, you’ll find it’s the one time […]

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Your Post-Pandemic Style – Are You Ready?

It’s time to dress your whole body again! Still remember how? Did your personal brand survive the pandemic? Have you thought about a post-pandemic style? If we haven’t already, it’s clear that most of us are likely to “re-enter society” during and just after this holiday season. That is how the Victorians used to refer […]

What A Blind Man Can Teach You About Personal Style 

I want to share an experience I had helping a blind man with his personal style. By the end, you’ll have great fashion takeaways you can apply for yourself! One day, I got a referral from a client and friend. It was a unique referral. She wrote something like this: “Cyndy, I know you don’t […]

What’s in Style — and Why Should You Care About the Winter Fashion Trends?!

The 2021-2022 fall and winter fashion trends have already been launched into the stratosphere of popular culture, as they are every spring and fall. Fashion Week is the official start, and the styles showcased are for the following summer and winter. As an image and personal branding stylist, I tell my clients that it’s helpful to know what’s on-trend. […]