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Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Fall Fashion Show

Last week I had the pleasure of styling and emceeing the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Fall Fashion Show. It was a lot of work but well worth it.

Style ProTip: When to Shop the Trends

Have you thought about when is the best time to shop?  Do you just do it on impulse or do you plan your shopping trip? I believe you should always dress and shop with intention.  This keeps those orphans (the items that don’t go with anything) out of your closet and it helps you created […]

How's Your Professional Head shot Photograph Working?

Is Your Professional Headshot Working for You?

Odds are your ideal client will see your professional headshot before they meet you, creating a first impression of you and your business. Professional headshots are so crucial in today’s connected world that doing business without one is much like doing business without a logo. Your headshot should tell the story of who you are. […]

June 15 Essence of You Image and Style Workshop

  I still have a few spaces left for my next Essence of You Image and Style workshop which will be held Saturday June 15 from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM at my home studio in McLean, VA. The Essence of You Image and Style Workshop begins by helping you create your IMAGE PROFILE that […]

Cyndy Porter Style Conversation Dressing with Intention for your best first impression

Personal Branding: Do You Make Your BEST First Impression?

What does your first impression say about you, your profession and your personal branding? I wish we lived in a world where people saw past our physical exterior to the depth of our character. But the truth is that people make judgments about who we are first based on how we look. Studies show that […]

A Unique Profile

I am sure that many of you reading this are wondering why I have changed my business and what it means for you and Cyndy Porter Creative Photography. First I want to say that I haven’t changed my business, I’ve only given the business a unique profile and I’m loving it! Cyndy Porter Style & […]