“Cyndy’s image and style workshop is a must attend for any woman trying to look her best. The collaborative environment, great content and positive attitude is great knowledge to have. I am excited to work with Cyndy to expand my understanding of color, style, customized headshots and more.”

Judy Freeman

“I am a woman of 60 years and I guess one gets a bit comfortable in ones skin. Cyndy showed me how wonderful age really is once you know how to go with your flow! How to complement “textured skin” through pattern, jewelry and color. How to bring out the best in your individual style through how you dress everyday. Whether you are dressing up or dressing down you will always feel your best….a uniquely beautiful woman!! And one last note….Your style of walking has everything to do with your style of clothing. Work with it not against it! Thank you Cyndy!”

Emily Seiler