We have less than 7 seconds to make a first impression. What impression do your employees make on your customers?

What about your young executives, are they ready to move up the corporate ladder? Do they look the part? Do you want self-confident, empowered employees?

Cyndy Porter Style and Photography helps professionals create a personal brand that reflects their individuality while reflecting your company’s mission.  The process is personally empowering and in many cases results in professional success both in higher productivity and increased sales.


Keynote Presentation: “A POWERFUL YOU! 7 Techniques to an Intentional Image”

An inspiring and interactive group presentation that provides a compelling case to create an “intentional image”: one that communicates the personal brand of each individual and the professional brand for which they are employed. Professionals learn to dress and accessorize in a way that showcases their best features, and to think differently about how they present and see themselves.

Get inspired with Cyndy’s Lunch n’Learn presentation of this keynote! Download more information here.