Take your personal brand to a new level with the introductory Success thru Style workshop.

You’ll learn why your style matters, why you need a personal brand and how to create your own intentional image.

You’ll have the expert guidance of personal branding stylist, Cyndy Porter and the feedback from other guests.

Each Success thru Style Introductory Workshop will include:

  • Personal Branding Advice and Style Critiques. Honest and kind feedback on your current style including what you are communicating and how it can be improved.

  • Fun, interactive activities. Learn how to dress with intention, turning heads and gaining the attention you deserve.

  • Own Your Style. Discover the tricks and techniques to dress your unique body shape so you always look your personal best, whether you want to look leaner, taller or curvier.

  • Color Theory and Analysis. Learn what family of colors are right for you, including those that make you look happier, more alert, more alive, more sophisticated and more youthful.

Always wanted to have a closet full of clothes so you look and feel great about how you look every day for every occasion. This is a great way to start the process. Dabble your foot in the water to see if working with a stylist is right for you.

The Introduction to Success thru Style Workshop Online is coming coon.  We are moving this workshop online to support more women.  We promise to have the next date to you shortly.  If you are interested please email Cyndy at Cyndy@SuccessthruStyle.com.

Register Here for the Success Thru Style Workshop