Have you worked with Cyndy, learned how to OWN YOUR STYLE and embraced your Intentional Image and personal brand?

Do you need help building your wardrobe or are you in the process of analyzing a closet packed with clothes that you aren’t sure are right for you?

The Work your Wardrobe is your next step! Using Hue and Stripe, Cyndy’s personal, virtual closet software, you’ll save time and see the outfits that Cyndy has created for you at a glance. You’ll no longer have to waste time in your closet fretting over which item goes with what. It will all be there, each item for a specific “look” including, shoes, bags and jewelry.

Cyndy believes in maximizing the wear of each piece of clothing in your closet, with her help you will mix and match your clothes so you can wear each item multiple ways.

With the Work your Wardrobe Plan you will work with Cyndy for six months, meeting with her monthly to either work on the items in your closet or have her shop for you. Using the Hue and Stripe software, Cyndy can shop for you online and create a gallery of items for you to purchase. Once they arrive, you can meet in person or via video conference to assess each item and determine which are keepers, which items require alterations, and which items should be returned.

The Work your Wardrobe Plan also gives you direct access to Cyndy for questions and advice as it arises.

The Work your Wardrobe Plan is perfect for anyone who is working to create a closet full of clothes that they love. That’s the goal – to have a closet full of clothes that you know look perfect on you and tell your unique story – a powerful, personal brand that is uniquely you.

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