Red Alert


Bill Blass once said: “WHEN IN DOUBT WEAR RED.”

And on Valentine’s Day we indeed see it everywhere.  But is it right for you?

YES.  Of course it is but not all red is for everyone…

When I do a color analysis for my clients I make sure they all get their best neutrals, both light colors and dark colors.  They know which metals are right for their skin tone. They know their “wow” colors and they know what RED is the right red for them.

Every woman can wear red but the spectrum is significant.

We have to start with your skin tone.  Are you warm or are you cool?

If you have warm skin are warm red is best for you.  If you are cool cool complected then it’s a cool red.  If you mix this up, I’m afraid to say it can suck the life out of you.  Yikes!  So how do you know? Take a look at the color wheel:

Do the colors on top look best on you or the colors on the bottom?

If you aren’t sure start by determining if you are warm or cool.  See the four models below.  Can you see how cool colors would look best on these two women and warm colors on the next two?


If you are cool you have pink or blue undertones. In general the colors in the lower half of the color wheel are best for you.  

Red is shown on the warm half of the color wheel.  By mixing red with pink, purple or blue you end up with a cooler shade of red. 

Once you know your right red, it is also a helpful tip when thinking about your rouge and lipstick colors.


If you are warm you have yellow undertones. In general the colors in the upper half of the color wheel are best for you.

Have fun with it!  Play around and experiment and let us know if red, fuchsia or burgundy is the right red for you. 



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