Roberta’s Bold, Edgy and Colorful Trends for Spring and Summer 2017

Cyndy Porter Spring Summer 2017 fashion trend

Roberta (Our “Trendsetter”) Shares Her Spring/Summer 2017 Style: Bold, Edgy and Colorful.


Ready or not, it’s time to think about spring cleaning – including your closet!

It’s March 1, 2017, and it’s expected to be 70 degrees here in the Washington, DC, area.  We are still 19 days from the official first day of spring and honestly, it feels like winter never arrived. I usually look forward to spring, but with little snow and no snow days at all this year, March 1 feels a bit odd.

If you followed my earlier advice, your spring and summer clothes are out of sight in your closet.  Now we get to set some time aside and plan to go through last year’s items.  Do they still fit?  Do you still love them?  Do they match your brand image and your style rules?  If so, freshen them up and welcome them back to your closet.

Here’s the best part of spring cleaning your closet: shopping for new clothes!

Spring is all about newness, and that includes refreshing your wardrobe. If this sounds fun, read on to learn what’s in style for spring and summer of 2017.  Should you shop the trends?  My answer is always the same:

  • If you have holes in your spring/summer wardrobe – the answer is YES.
  • If your style words are trendy, modern, hip, current and/or relevant – YES.
  • If you learn that what is on trend absolutely matches your personal brand and style rules, especially if it includes some normally hard to find items, colors, etc. – the answer is YES.

Here’s what to expect with 2017 spring and summer fashions:

  • Color is Everything. – Color can make or break how you look. Knowing what colors look great on you is the key to looking your best.  Of course, there are art and science elements that need to come together to show you at your best. My Success thru Style Introductory Workshop can teach those, but if you only did one thing, it should be wearing the right colors for you.  If you look good in blue, you’re in luck because all shades of blue are on trend. Especially powder blue which compliments bubble gum pink which is everywhere this season.  These colors are best on cooler skin tones, but the blues, in particular, can be found in warm tones as well.  Yellowis hot and makes for a fun pop of color to brighten up your outfit.  Khaki is being shown in monochromatic outfits and is replacing the skinny jean.  YAY! finally, those skin-tight pants that only flatter 6’ tall models are on the way out.  The Pantone color of year is a warm, bright “lettuce” green. You will see this color everywhere from clothes to interiors to electronics.  It is a hard to wear color, but will no doubt bring greens of all tones into play.
  • Activism is in! – Protest and March slogans are moving from the signs onto your clothes. If you have something to say, wear it proudly this season.  If you are a bohemian style, sporty natural or trendy this is a great look for you! 
  • Go Big! – Big, bold stripes, statement earrings, XXL bags, strong shoulders, really high platform shoes and long necklaces are all hot this season. Warning: remember to match your personal scale if you want to bring attention to you and not your things.  If you are small scale you may want to stay clear of this trend.
  • Pants! – I love the pants that are out now. The pantsuit is still on trend and very flattering.  Skinny pants are being replaced with the ankle pant.  These are great because they can be worn with all heel heights; you can match your skin or pants to elongate or add a pop of color to add visual weight and de-emphasize your hips.  Wide legged pants are in and great to balance a larger mid-section.  And of course, my all-time favorite flare pant in available everywhere YAY for this evolution to pants that flatter.
  • Down with Shoes – If you love super-high heels, you can still find them but the trend is bringing them down. Super-high platforms are in, but in general, stilettos above three inches are no longer trending.  The cone heel is still hot, as is the block heel.  Casual, fun, comfortable shoes are the trend, even “ugly shoes” – decorated plastic crocs like shoes were all over the runway.  Go figure.
  • Sweet Stuff – For the romantic, feminine ladies, you will have lots to choose from. The Victorian era is still trending with floral patterns that remind me of my grandmother’s curtains, ruffles, and things that lace.
  • Drama Queen – If you fall into the edgy, bold, dramatic category then you will be happy to know neon, bad girl punk, and bra tops are some of the styles you can grab on to.

In general, we are moving from the 1970’s to the 1980’s this spring and summer.  But be careful before you bring those dated clothes back into circulation.  New trends are never exactly like the trends of the past (how would the designers make any money that way? 🙂 ) If you are excited to wear the trends, study them, bring them in intentionally, make sure they tell your unique story.

Bottom line: you are beautiful, and if you know yourself, you can choose to wear a trend or two or stick to timeless classic pieces.

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