Success thru Style Essentials Workshop

Everyone has a personal brand, whether they know it or not. Start being intentional about yours.

Register for the STS Essentials Workshop to learn why your style matters, what it says about your personal brand, and how to create your own best image.

Workshop Format

This workshop is a half-day, in-person event limited to 12 participants.

You’ll receive expert guidance from personal branding stylist Cyndy Porter and a general audience perspective from other guests.


Have you always wanted to have a closet full of clothes that make you look and feel great every day, no matter what the occasion? This is a fun, easy, and affordable way to step toward that dream. Get an introduction to the personality and artistic principles behind making you look your best.

Workshop Contents

  • Personal Branding Advice and Style Critiques. Honest and kind feedback on your current style including what you are communicating and how it can be improved.
  • Fun, Interactive Activities. Learn how to dress with intention, turning heads and gaining the kind of attention you want and deserve.
  • Own Your Style. Discover the techniques to dress your unique body shape so you always look your personal best. Learn to showcase your best features and minimize those you’re not so fond of.
  • Color Theory and Analysis. Learn what colors are right for you, reflecting the energy you feel. See how color can make you look happier or more somber, more powerful or approachable, more sophisticated or care-free, and even more youthful.

Dabble your foot in the water to see if working with a stylist is right for you.

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What our Clients Say

“Cyndy’s image and style workshop is a must attend for any woman trying to look her best. The collaborative environment, great content and positive attitude is great knowledge to have. I am excited to work with Cyndy to expand my understanding of color, style, customized headshots and more. From an investment perspective, Cyndy’s services are well worth the cost. We all spend $$ on our clothes and accessories but may not be hitting the mark. With Cyndy’s valuable guidance, you will be making better choices for yourself. I highly recommend Cyndy.”

Judy FreemanExecutive Coach

“The workshop gave me new insights into how to enhance my own personal style through a better understanding of color, body awareness, and make-up. The women were great, Cyndy is very knowledgeable, plus a lot of fun.”

Margie DoppeltWriter

About Cyndy

Cyndy Porter’s image consulting is in a class of its own. She doesn’t just follow the fashion trends and tell you how you should dress. Instead, she guides you to discover who you are, love yourself in all your uniqueness, and apply timeless artistic principles to look your best, authentic self.

Cyndy has learned the hard way that when you show up in the world with confidence, you make good choices and earn respect. She has helped hundreds of professional and entrepreneurial women face the challenges of career changes, relationship challenges, and transitions in life. She’s here to empower you to be confident so you can succeed on your own terms.

Register Here for the Success Thru Style Workshop