Group Workshops

The Essence of YOU® Image and Style workshops and consultations are based on Cyndy Porter’s belief that looking your personal best every day is achievable, and one of the easiest ways to build your self-confidence.  Learning how to create an “intentional image,” that communicates who you are (your personal brand) is the most powerful communication tool you possess.

The Essence of YOU® Image & Style workshop

The Essence of YOU® Image & Style workshop for women is a great way to get started.  In this unique workshop series, you will learn how others perceive you, how to create a personal brand, how to dress that brand and how to showcase your best features, while no longer focusing on your flaws.  It gives you the tools to look great, create a style that reflects your personality, and empowers you to project confidence every day.

This one day workshop is limited to six women, it is an intimate experience that many have called transformative and life changing.

REGISTER TODAY for the October 22 Workshop! $495 through Sept 22, $550 thereafter!

The Essence of YOU® Color & Makeup workshop

The Essence of YOU® Color & Makeup workshop for women is available to graduations of the of Essence of YOU® Image & Style workshop. This workshop provides you with a color analysis and makeup consultation.  You will learn what colors best compliment your skin, hair, eyes and personality and how to apply make-up to bring out your best features and communicate your personal brand.

Would you like something with a more personal feel? Check out our individual consultations!


Custom Color Analysis

Knowing what colors are right for you can be a challenge.  You have a natural palette of colors in your skin tone, hair, and eyes. Combining specific colors against your natural hues will make you look brighter, happier and more youthful, while other colors can do quite the opposite. At Cyndy Porter Style & Photography, we don’t just lump you into a season; we work individually with you to develop a custom color palette. The colors you wear, their tone, value, resonance and temperature need to not only match your natural complexion but also your personality.

Closet Audit 

Cyndy has a “green” approach to wardrobe styling.  She can help you chart the clothes you own and document multiple new looks for your most important pieces. She will help you identify individual items you can add to your existing wardrobe. She will help save items in which you have already invested, by showing you how simple alterations can make those “orphans” finally work for you. And yes, there may be some items that you decide are best retired. The focus will be on using what you own first, while creating a list of what can be added to help you create a closet of clothes that allows you to feel great about how you look every day.  This service is only available to clients who have either graduated from the Essence of YOU® Image & Style workshop for women or have completed an individual consultation package.

Personal Shopping

Not sure what clothes or accessories in your wardrobe look best on you? Let Cyndy assist you with a consultation to guide you on fabrics and colors that might be missing from your closet. Are you facing a big presentation?  Do you need an outfit for an upcoming event? Do you just want an expert to help you complete your seasonal wardrobe? Cyndy can help you shop for those desired additions for your “intentional” wardrobe, while avoiding costly mistakes.  This service is only available to clients who have either graduated from the Essence of YOU® Image & Style workshop for women or have completed an individual consultation package.

Hair Style Report

Knowing what hair style best communicates your personal brand, compliments your face shape and fits for your age and lifestyle is a big factor in your overall image. The hair style report is an individual consultation with Cyndy and will include a hair style assessment and recommendation report inclusive of images of you in the recommended hairstyles.