Success thru Style Mastery Course

You have fewer than 7 seconds to make a first impression. And what is that impression based on? Mostly your image. Image affects the way you feel about yourself, the way you come across to others, and the way they respond to you.

Register for the STS Mastery Course to learn the science, art, and psychology behind creating a style that is uniquely you, attracts the right people to you, and empowers you to succeed both in life and at work.

Course Delivery

This course is a self-paced online/offline course with personalized touch points and incentives to keep you going. You will receive Cyndy’s Success thru Style book to kick off the course and there are recorded video lessons, assigned homework, and office hours.

And, you receive three personalized consultations with Cyndy as you make progress.

You can start the course any time. The generally expected duration is six weeks, but you can compress or extend that time to suit yourself.


The STS Mastery Course goes into full detail so that when you complete it, you will:

  • Understand your authentic personal brand, which builds confidence and inner strength.
  • Be able to dress in a way that communicates that brand so others see you as your true and best self.
  • Know what makes you look your best for every occasion so you can always show up with confidence that gets you noticed professionally and in all your relationships!

Course Content

In this course you will learn:

  • How to create a personal brand that portrays who you are authentically. You’ll be in a supportive environment, receive expert image and personal branding advice, and discover a whole new you to proudly share with others. Personal power requires polish and purpose, and that all comes together, beautifully, once you discover and express your Intentional Image.
  • That you, right now, are an artistic canvas. You already have the tools to look great every day for every occasion! Learn to showcase your best features through Cyndy’s 7-point, artful approach. We are all a 3-dimensional canvas of lines, shapes, colors, scale, texture, patterns and proportions. You can learn to see yourself in artistic terms and apply the same techniques to how you dress that are used to create beautiful art and photography.
  • How to work with your unique features including:
    • Your body shape and how to dress your shape so you look symmetrical, proportionate, and beautiful.
    • The lines of your body to understand which fabrics are best for you.
    • Your body proportions to help recognize where you are long or short and how to dress in a way that emphasizes your strengths while minimizing any areas that are perceived weaknesses.
    • Your face shape which helps define your best neckline, hair style, and more.
    • Your scale and the proportions of clothing, design elements, patterns, and accessories that will look best on you.
    • Your colors, from neutrals to power colors. Walk away with a color palette so you never again need to worry about whether your makeup, hair or clothing compliments your skin, hair, and eyes… as well as your personality!
    • What level of contrast is best in the clothes you wear. You’ll know whether you should you be in high energy bright colors and patterns or something more subdued. You always want to bring attention to you, not your clothes.

A Personal Note from Cyndy

I am dedicated to seeing that if you buy this course, you complete it. It’s not one of those buy it and get left alone courses. I personally follow up with you as you progress through the course. I hold you accountable. At certain milestones, you get private consultations with me—if you’re doing the work!

We’re in this together. When you look good, I look good. So let’s do it.

What Our Clients Say

“Thanks to Cyndy Porter, I am better able to dress ‘my new body’ and restore my confidence. There are many challenges and surprises as we age, body changes are sometimes difficult to deal with, let alone accept. I remember waking up one morning and seeing my ‘mother’s body’ in the mirrored image in front of me. Did that happen overnight? When I would go shopping, my eyes would go to the styles I had always preferred. I would have to remind myself, not anymore. The hourglass figure was gone. I began to dress differently and kept attention away from my waistline. After a few styling sessions with Cyndy, I felt confident to put belts back on, wear brighter colors again, and have my confidence restored. Aging is one more experience, a new chapter. If you want to get excited about style, fashion, and feel self-confidence, give Cyndy a call and start your own exciting journey.”

Diane PiperPresident / Designer at BORSAbag

About Cyndy

Cyndy Porter’s image consulting is in a class of its own. She doesn’t just follow the fashion trends and tell you how you should dress. Instead, she guides you to discover who you are, love yourself in all your uniqueness, and apply timeless artistic principles to look your best, authentic self.

Cyndy has learned the hard way that when you show up in the world with confidence, you make good choices and earn respect. She has helped hundreds of professional and entrepreneurial women face the challenges of career changes, relationship challenges, and transitions in life. She’s here to empower you to be confident so you can succeed on your own terms.