And that impression is based on your image — not “the real” you, but the persona you project. Image communicates a great deal about how you feel about yourself. That alone affects the way you come across to others, and influences the way they respond to you.

Be Your Best Online and Off:


Want to master your image? With no falseness or inauthenticity, just simply being intentional – and in full control of what you project?

The Success thru Style Mastery Course is your answer. Highly affordable at only $997, the Mastery Course is a self-paced, online training series with personalized touch points and incentives along the way.

You will receive:

  • A hard copy of Cyndy’s Success thru Style book to kick off the course

  • Recorded video lessons and assigned homework

  • Three personalized consultations with Cyndy as you make progress

The STS Mastery Course ($997) will teach you the science, art, and psychology behind creating a style that is uniquely you, attracts the right people to you, and empowers you to succeed both in life and at work.


To receive the DISC and Workplace Motivators assessments as FREE BONUSES — plus the consultations and debriefings with Cyndy (valued at $375) — plus additional hands-on training on how to show up brilliantly for virtual meetings — sign up before midnight Tuesday, July 8!


So, if you attended the “Virtual Meeting Makeover” webinar AND if you purchase of the Success thru Style Mastery Course before July 8, I’ll throw in some incredible extras:

  1. DISC – a powerful and profoundly insightful tool that gives you critical insights into your behaviors and personality. In this session you will learn how your behavior is perceived by others, and how to use this understanding to enhance your self awareness, easily resolve conflicts, and unlock better relationships.
  2. Workplace Motivators – a component of DISC that looks “beyond behavior” to the why of what we do. In this assessment, learn what actually motivates you (as opposed to what you think motivates you – or others).  Values are the drivers behind behaviors. With this knowledge you will truly understand what makes you unique, special, and more driven to do some things than others. These two powerful assessments are perfect add-ons to the Success thru Style Mastery Course. Normally a $375 combined value, the insights you will receive will be priceless.
  3. New “Virtual Meeting Makeover” lessons just added to the course! Revisit the lessons of the VMM video conference and enjoy new, related content as it is added.


Working with Cyndy has taught me to align authentically who I am with how I present myself to the world through how I dress and through my online business presence and my in person speaking engagements. She is truly gifted at personal and professional branding and at giving honest feedback with warmth and heart. My confidence is boosted every time I meet with her and she truly lives her mission of helping women see their beauty inside and out!
Risa Ganel
The Success thru Style Mastery Course was fun and interactive, with lots of diverse media. I was surprised to find that engaging with the other participants was a key component, and that made it almost like a game! I also really liked that a daily email reminded me to check in. The course felt like a coffee break sometimes, even though I learned something every time I went there.
Karen James Cody
I was at a crossroads in my life. I was at retirement age and didn’t know what I wanted to do next. The STS Mastery Course helped improve my self confidence. I finally learned to dress for my body type and what colors look best on me, I learned to put together outfits that I never have considered and now I am ready to take on a new career.
Beanie Silverstein

The STS Mastery Course is a content-rich course that tackles many aspects of personal brand. When you complete it, you will:

Understand your authentic personal brand, which builds confidence and illustrates your inner strength to the world.

Be able to dress in a way that communicates that brand so others see you as your true and best self.

Know what makes you look your best for every occasion so you can always show up with confidence that gets you noticed professionally and in all your relationships!

Never again wonder if you can succeed on your own terms. Learn who you are, what differentiates you, and how to attract the right people into your life so you can truly enjoy Success thru Style!