Success thru Style VIP Day

Do you feel like expert, individual attention is exactly what you need?

Maybe you have worked with Cyndy and you know your personal brand, you know your Success thru Style personality and the artistic principles, but you just want some extended private time with Cyndy to pull it all together.

Or maybe you are brand new to the Success thru Style concepts and prefer individual support.

You can have it.

When you book the STS VIP Day, you spend the day with Cyndy focused on nothing but you and your style needs.

You can choose how to spend the day to best help you create your Intentional Image. Some options include:

  • Personal Brand and Style Consultation – Start at the beginning and discover your personal brand, your style guidelines, and how to look and feel beautiful, confident, and powerful every day for every occasion.
  • Wardrobe Assessment — Let Cyndy analyze your lifestyle and determine what type of wardrobe you need to succeed. Together, you and Cyndy will map out what clothing items you should hold on to and what is missing from your closet.
  • Closet Analysis — Cyndy will do a detailed assessment of the clothes you own, assemble items into outfits you can wear immediately, and create a list of clothes that you should buy to complete as many outfits as possible. Cyndy will help you accessorize outfits with jewelry, shoes, and bags and work to maximize each piece of clothing you already own.
  • Integration of New Items — Has Cyndy shopped for you online? Or have you purchased new items? Cyndy can help you integrate those items into your wardrobe in a way that maximizes the value of each piece.
  • Shopping Spree – Are you ready to update your closet with new things? Whether it’s this season’s update, an overhaul of your current wardrobe, or a special occasion – Cyndy will spend the day shopping with and for you, advising you on all your purchases.

You’re the VIP here. Let Cyndy put the finishing touches on your Intentional Image so you can show up with total confidence.

What our Clients Say

“Cyndy Porter has the vision for knowing how to make a woman feel and look her best! I learned so much from her.”

Tina R. JohnsonPresident and CEO of JP Events & Consulting

About Cyndy

Cyndy Porter’s image consulting is in a class of its own. She doesn’t just follow the fashion trends and tell you how you should dress. Instead, she guides you to discover who you are, love yourself in all your uniqueness, and apply timeless artistic principles to look your best, authentic self.

Cyndy has learned the hard way that when you show up in the world with confidence, you make good choices and earn respect. She has helped hundreds of professional and entrepreneurial women face the challenges of career changes, relationship challenges, and transitions in life. She’s here to empower you to be confident so you can succeed on your own terms.