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The One Key to Taking the Hassle Out of Dressing with Confidence

How do you start your day? Do you happily open your closet door and easily select the clothes you’ll put on? Do they make you smile as you get dressed and see yourself in the mirror? Do you feel comfortable in your own skin, knowing you look great and can handle what the day has […]

How to Love the Clothes in Your Closet

Did you know the research shows the average woman only wears 20% of the clothes in her closet – this means 80% are simply clutter. So, why not pare your closet down to the 20% that you wear? You might have some things that you rarely wear, clothing for special events, weddings, funerals, graduations, black […]

How to Show Up with Confidence and Style

Want to create an authentic personal brand which aligns with your business? Listen as personal branding expert, Cyndy Porter, shares her insider secrets, powerful tips, and techniques to help professionals who look to balance multiple aspects of who they are while still dressing for success. Cyndy Porter is the founder and owner of Success thru […]

Black Friday Sales: Make Your Plan To Shop And Save

Need some tips on how to make Black Friday/Cyber Monday work for you?! I know, it’s sheer madness.  I know, most of you don’t even love to shop when there are NO crowds … but… what about the deals?! Those you truly do love, right? I have some helpful tips below on how to capitalize on […]

5 Tips to Organize Your Closet and Love Your Wardrobe

5 Tips to Organize your Closet and Love your Wardrobe Did you know that the first week of October was National Get Organized week? Maybe you are just now hearing about it. No worries! It’s never too late to jump in and become clutter free! Albert Einstein famously pointed out that “if a cluttered desk […]

Style Conversation with Cyndy Porter Off-the-Shoulder and Cold Shoulder Tops for Fall

Trending: Cold Shoulders Are Back This Fall

Trending: Cold Shoulders Are Back This Fall The off-the-shoulder and cold shoulder looks are a HOT way of showing your arms in a lovely flattering manner. You don’t have to be a trendsetter or fashionista to notice how off-the-shoulder or “cold shoulder” tops are still trending this season. It is a winning look for almost […]