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Video Tips: Wear This not That

If you are a speaker or someone doing video to promote your brand or business, no doubt, you have fabulous content to share!  Video is compelling and a great way to communicate your brand and your story.  But it is time consuming, it can be expensive and there’s a lot to consider. One thing that […]

Under Where?! What to wear under your clothes.

Once a month I take my clients shopping.  This month it is shape wear and hosiery and today is the day.  I am a big fan of online shopping, but this one is an exception.  Until you know exactly what you need and want, undergarments are best purchased in person.  I am going to have my […]

First Lady Fashion

On Presidents’ Day let’s take a look at First Ladies and their sense of style.  If anyone needs a personal brand and an individual style, it’s the First Lady.  Unfortunately, the commentary is often on what they are wearing instead of who they are or what cause they stand behind.  Most are very inspiring, intelligent […]

Red Alert

  Bill Blass once said: “WHEN IN DOUBT WEAR RED.”   And on Valentine’s Day we indeed see it everywhere.  But is it right for you?   YES.  Of course it is but not all red is for everyone…   When I do a color analysis for my clients I make sure they all get their […]