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Cyndy Porter Style Conversation It's Not You It's Your Clothes

It’s Not You, It’s Your Clothes!

You’re perfect… But your wardrobe may tell a different story. Has this happened to you? You go to the mall or worse your own closet and NOTHING looks good on you.  The pants are too tight in the thighs and loose at the waist or butt; the dresses hug your hips but bunch up at […]

Cyndy Porter Style Conversation Framing Your Face with Color Contrast

How to Frame Your Face with Color Contrast

What is your color contrast level, and how can you use it to frame your face? Which woman can best wear bright or patterned clothing? Who will look washed out when wearing light, monochromatic colors?  When I tell women it is best to match their clothing to their natural contrast level, they typically look at me bemused.  […]

choosing glasses eyewear readers with cyndy porter

Choosing Statement Eyewear and Eyeglasses that Communicate

Prescription eyewear or eyeglasses are probably the most expensive accessory we wear, with the exception of a treasured wedding ring or other signature jewelry.  Many of us wear our glasses all of the time, making a big statement about who we are and our personal and professional brands. Discovering the right way to communicate that […]

What's your face shape?

Learn Your Face Shape and Why it Matters

Is your face shape an oval, oblong, diamond, circle, square or heart?  Learn what your shape is and why it matters. It’s all Greek, at least when it comes to the “classic” definition of beauty. To look your best, you want to be symmetrical, proportionate and balanced.  It’s that simple.  These are the ancient Greek elements […]