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Cyndy Porter Style Conversation: Fashion Rut

Are You Stuck in a Fashion Rut?

Have you noticed how many women are stuck in a certain style or image – a fashion rut? They may look older than they are, or potentially younger. They blend into the crowd, sometimes apologizing for how they look while feeling frumpy and uninspired. They probably tell themselves and others that looks don’t matter. But […]

Cyndy Porter Style Conversation How to find your perfect jeans

Jeans: Finding Your Perfect Fit (Without Throwing One!)

Jeans are a staple in most women’s wardrobes;  you can dress them up or down, wear them rarely or you may feel you can never have too many pairs. But one thing I am sure we can all agree on is that we aren’t happy if our jeans don’t fit perfectly. A great fitting pair […]

Wear This, Not That: 8 Fashion Trends You'll LOVE this Fall!

Wear This, Not That: 8 Fashion Trends You’ll LOVE this Fall!

It’s Fashion Week in New York but they aren’t talking about what’s in style this fall and winter, they are talking about next year. If you are like most of my clients, you are in the present: shopping now for this fall and winter.  You want to know the colors of  this season, the hot […]

Trend Alert: 2016 Fall Colors Have Arrived!

Although January is the beginning of the year, I have always felt the year really begins in September, especially when the 2016 Fall colors are announced. September is the end of the sun filled, lazy days of summer and the beginning of a more serious, focused season. From kindergarten to college graduation, the year begins in […]

Style Conversation with Cyndy Porter Off-the-Shoulder and Cold Shoulder Tops for Fall

Trending: Off-the-Shoulder and Cold Shoulder Tops for Fall

Peek-a-boo your inner flirt in these timeless, off-shoulder styles! You don’t have to be a trendsetter or fashionista to notice how off-the-shoulder or “cold shoulder” tops are all the rage this season.  It is a winning look for almost everyone.  Why? I don’t know a single woman who hates her shoulders. Arms, yes!  But not the […]

Cyndy Porter Style Conversation It's Not You It's Your Clothes

It’s Not You, It’s Your Clothes!

You’re perfect… But your wardrobe may tell a different story. Has this happened to you? You go to the mall or worse your own closet and NOTHING looks good on you.  The pants are too tight in the thighs and loose at the waist or butt; the dresses hug your hips but bunch up at […]