Meet the Success thru Style Avatars™ a tool to help you clarify your signature style and learn to look the part. If you haven’t taken our style quiz you can do that here. Very few women are only one avatar, most are a mix of two even three style personas. Take a look at the descriptions below, our associated hand-drawn avatars, and consider the results of your style quiz. What avatar/s best tell the story of the style you would like to possess?


Success thru Style Avatars™

Active Anna is alive, vibrant, and energetic. She never wants to be slowed down by her clothing or shoes. Therefore, she prefers flats, platforms, or kitten heels to high heels. Anna wouldn’t be caught dead in Spanx or any other binding shapewear. Her accessories are likely minimal. Anna prefers a natural face and easy-to-manage hair.

Take note, though: don’t confuse an active personal style with athletic attire. It is more about a state of mind, being active and on the go whether at work, formal events, or social settings.

If you are an Active Anna, people likely view you as a go-to person who gets things done — with vim, vigor, and vitality!


Success thru Style Avatars™

Boho Bethany is carefree, authentic, and youthful in spirit. She doesn’t follow trends. She wears what she likes: clothes with lots of movement and hand-crafted items made from beads, stone, leather and maybe even feathers and crystals. She finds business attire challenging because she thinks most of it is boring. She likes flowy styles that are uniquely her own and that express her inner hippie and her open, optimistic outlook.

Bethany is grounded and holistic, preferring natural tones and a low-maintenance style. She likes to be comfortable and is often in sandals and flats. She is feminine and soft-spoken. She may wear her hair long, and she likes to play with makeup.

If you resonate with Bethany, you are likely relaxed and easygoing. You are probably a bit “woo woo” or “touchy-feelie,” to hear others tell it. Yet you are a comfort to many around you who are stressed and taking life too seriously. Just being in your presence puts other people at ease.


Success thru Style Avatars™

Chic Cara is modern and trendy and doesn’t mind standing out from the crowd. She loves to shop and relishes the idea of adding new “finds” to her wardrobe.  For Cara this is fun and invigorating. She has no intention of letting her appearance get dated.

Cara follows the trends for hair and makeup, no apologies, and commonly tries new color palettes. She changes her hairstyle regularly. She will prioritize looks over comfort, and will endure high, high heels and tight clothing if it makes the outfit.

If you are like Cara, you are sure to seem forever young, and you’ll never look or feel dated no matter what your age.


Success thru Style Avatars™

Classic Claire is loyal, conscientious and responsible. She is understated, not one to bring attention to herself. In most things, she prefers a support role to being in the limelight.

Claire chooses clothes that are timeless; solid, subtle colors — nothing bright or showy. She’s almost always seen in clean, uncomplicated styles. Her accessories and jewelry are high-quality pieces that she can wear every day, and that work for most occasions.

Naturally, Claire also goes for a clean, natural look in makeup, and her hairstyle is practical and easy to wear. She does not love to shop, and would really just like to map out a closet full of clothes that she can rely on, sort of like a uniform.

If you are like Classic Claire, you are likely a huge comfort to many people who know they can rely on you.


Success thru Style Avatars™

Creative Cleo is fun, a visionary, outside-the-box thinker. She has a wardrobe full of things that other people call…interesting. Her ideal outfit combines items that are in themselves uncommon. She would be mortified to show up at a party or event and see another woman is in the same outfit!! But not to worry; her originality ensures that will never happen.

Cleo might sport a funky, even colorful, hairstyle, depending on where she works. In the same vein, she may have tattoos or piercings, and show up in black lipstick from time to time.

If you see yourself in Cleo, you are open to new things and may be paving the way for women to think and dress outside-the-box. Keep it up! You are an inspiration to many who don’t speak up and still hesitate to express who they are.


Success thru Style Avatars™

Dramatic Darla is bold, daring, adventurous, and brave. She is courageous in both her life and her wardrobe. She loves vibrant colors that make a splash – bold prints and edgy designs are her mainstay. She does not wear girly prints and flowy dresses. She may be a leather-and-metal kind of gal, or maybe just a little larger than life.

Darla’s hairstyle, makeup, eyewear, and accessories are statement pieces. She knows some critics think it is all too much. But she doesn’t care. She is daring and risk averse.

If you see yourself relating to Dramatic Darla — good for you. You live in full color! I can only imagine how amazing the world would be if we had more Darlas!


Success thru Style Avatars™

Exotic Eva is a treasure — worldly, genuine, and exciting. She stands apart from the crowd. She loves to travel and learn about other cultures. She may be an expat or just dreams of being one someday.

Eva can be found in animal prints, fur, and other fabrics and textures that are bold and powerful. Things that speak of native cultures and habitats. She loves to express her love of the whole world in her wardrobe. She is both adventurous and intriguing to others.

Eva is always on the lookout for jewelry, accessories and clothing that are unique, handmade, rough, and rugged. Exotic Eva’s makeup is dramatic and her hairstyles are too.

If you are drawn to the style of Exotic Eva you likely live life fully, courageously, and have an unusual sense of adventure that is infectious and stimulating to those around you.


Success thru Style Avatars™

Feminine Fiona is kind, gracious, nurturing, and maybe even a bit romantic. She never wants to insult or harm others in any way. Fiona loves to wear dresses and skirts and soft fabrics with feminine colors. She enjoys how it feels to be in high heels and doesn’t at all mind that others might find them uncomfortable. Pearls and bling are her go-to choices for accessories.

Fiona prefers her hair on the longer side with curls and movement and wouldn’t be caught dead without “her face on.”

If you resonate with Feminine Fiona you are happiest when you are helping others. You like being a woman and use your feminine charm in all aspects of your life. It is important to you that others find you approachable and friendly.


Success thru Style Avatars™

Sophisticated Sophia is refined, polished, and elegant. She exudes self-confidence, and rightfully so! She is accomplished and driven. Her wardrobe commands attention with well-made designer clothes. She always makes sure to complete her look from head to toe with shoes, a matching bag, and quality jewelry. She has a sizable collection of scarves and belts to help finish her look with important details.

Sophia makes time to go to the salon to get her roots highlighted and her nails polished. She has a beautiful wardrobe of well-made clothes — but not necessarily a lot of clothes. It’s more important that her things be unique, interesting, and well crafted. She has learned to mix and match things to get plenty of mileage out of a limited number of exquisite pieces.

If you resonate with Sophisticated Sophia, congratulations are in order. You didn’t get there overnight. It takes hard work, conviction, and tenacity to be a style leader whom others admire and emulate. Keep it up. You are making a difference in the world!