Ashley Loyd

July 5, 2018

“Cyndy knows fashion, style, and how to help women find their true self through clothing. I didn’t realize how much what I ware affected my confidence level until I started working with Cyndy and realized I could be more confident. For years, I’ve struggled in front of my closet worrying about what to wear, trying to look professional and be myself, how to be comfortable and confident at the same time. I would play it safe and ware the same things – my accessories never changed. I felt boring. My closet was full of pieces I loved but that didn’t really look great on me. With Cyndy’s help I now have a fully utilized closet, an app with multiple outfits I can choose from each morning, knowledge of my “wow” colors, tools for shopping, a fabulous new hairstyle, and confidence when I leave the house. Many of my clothes just needed a little alteration, who would have thought. Most importantly I don’t waste money buying things that I don’t absolutely love and I feel great inside and out. You may start your Success thru Style journey thinking you’ll get a new brand and great new clothes but you’ll come to find you get much more.”