“Cyndy has helped me completely revamp my image to reflect my own personal brand, and in the process improved my self confidence. Her introductory workshop teaches the rules of style based on principles of art, breaking it down so we learn how to apply them in our own lives. She embraces her clients’ individuality, helping us be our best selves at whatever our size or shape. In the Work Your Wardrobe program, Cyndy has helped me revive my wardrobe by reimagining uses for my existing clothing and choosing new items to add excitement and polish. In the closet session, we weeded through my entire wardrobe and decided which pieces fit, are good colors for me, suit my body type and my personal brand. Since then she has created dozens of outfits for me by combining my items in unique and fun ways. She helps me create looks for all the areas of my life – from the business world to casual to performing in jazz clubs! She has taught me how to choose clothing, shoes, and accessories, and how to combine them to achieve the look I want. She also encouraged me to take the leap and change my hair color and style – to a dramatic and amazing effect. I am constantly complimented on my new image. Even better – I feel great when I get dressed and go out in the world! If you are confused about fashion or how to project the image you want or how to dress for your body – work with Cyndy. She will transform your look and your life, and become a friend in the process.”

Mary Ellen ConnellyRegional Sales Manager

“Cyndy knows fashion, style, and how to help women find their true self through clothing. I didn’t realize how much what I ware affected my confidence level until I started working with Cyndy and realized I could be more confident. For years, I’ve struggled in front of my closet worrying about what to wear, trying to look professional and be myself, how to be comfortable and confident at the same time. I would play it safe and ware the same things – my accessories never changed. I felt boring. My closet was full of pieces I loved but that didn’t really look great on me. With Cyndy’s help I now have a fully utilized closet, an app with multiple outfits I can choose from each morning, knowledge of my “wow” colors, tools for shopping, a fabulous new hairstyle, and confidence when I leave the house. Many of my clothes just needed a little alteration, who would have thought. Most importantly I don’t waste money buying things that I don’t absolutely love and I feel great inside and out. You may start your Success thru Style journey thinking you’ll get a new brand and great new clothes but you’ll come to find you get much more.”

Ashley LoydSenior Financial Analyst at AARP

“It has been an amazing experience working with Cyndy. Her programs have helped me create an authentic personal brand which aligns with my business. I have learned to dress for my body shape and add vibrant colors to my outfits to attract my perfect clients. Cyndy has an amazing eye for design and has helped me bridge the knowledge gap by teaching me how to create beautiful outfits that work for my frame and personal brand. I love getting dressed every morning. I have created a capsule wardrobe that makes getting dressed so easy and fun. I use to think dressing in suits was the only way to show my professional image. But now I wear beautiful feminine outfits and my clients still view me as a professional business owner. I am so grateful to Cyndy’s support. If you are looking to create your personal and professional brand, Cyndy will help you nail it!”

Heidi TubersonWomen’s Holistic Health Coach

“It was truly fabulous, informative, and fun to spend two days with you and the other ladies. Cyndy is such a special bright light! I left feeling invigorated and empowered to alter how others view me, and more importantly, how I view myself. Thank you for uplifting me!”

Veena Kumar, MD, MPH

“Thanks to Cyndy Porter, I am better able to dress ‘my new body’ and restore my confidence. There are many challenges and surprises as we age, body changes are sometimes difficult to deal with, let alone accept. I remember waking up one morning and seeing my ‘mother’s body’ in the mirrored image in front of me. Did that happen overnight? When I would go shopping, my eyes would go to the styles I had always preferred. I would have to remind myself, not anymore. The hourglass figure was gone. I began to dress differently and kept attention away from my waistline. After a few styling workshops with Cyndy, I felt confident to put belts back on, wear brighter colors again, and have my confidence restored. Aging is one more experience, a new chapter. If you want to get excited about style, fashion, and feel the self confidence, give Cyndy a call and start your own exciting journey.”

Diane Piper President / Designer at BORSAbag

“Cyndy captivated the Rockwell Collins Women’s Forum, helping us all to understand how to create our own unique style. The two workshops gave us the tools to discover ourselves and define our appearance. I was personally intrigued by the color analysis and discovering what hues and colors complement my skin tone, hair, and eyes. The awareness on how colors affect how you look and the image you portray is important when selecting pieces for your wardrobe.”

Maria WintersPrinciple Program Manager at Rockwell Collins

“Cyndy assisted the Rockwell Collins Women’s Forum by helping us all to discover how to take what’s unique about ourselves and transform that into a message. She was able to help me, personally, to portray a person that is both confident but still approachable. I would highly recommend Cyndy to business professionals looking to balance multiple aspects of who they are while still dressing for success.”

Cheri BentleySenior Manufacturing Project Specialist at Rockwell Collins

“Cyndy is an extremely talented and perceptive photographer and image consultant. She has a high level of professionalism and yet is very easy and enjoyable to work with. Cyndy listened to the needs of the project, met them and then followed up to be sure the project was completely satisfactory to all the clients. We could not be happier with her work.”

Joda Coolidge

“Thanks so much for your expertise and your speech. It was amazing. We would love for you to continue with us on our National Tour of I AM A Warrior.”

Bershan ShawCertified Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Personality on OWN TV

“Cyndy, thank you for sharing your knowledge with us at NEW. You were a breath of fresh air. You enlightened the attendees on how to explore and see the beauty that lies within each and every one of us. The knowledge you shared on how to express our inner beauty to the world, along with the importance of defining our own unique style left attendees inspired to try something NEW.”

Tammy ShapiroPresident of Networking Executive Women (NEW)

“Cyndy’s workshop was fun, enlightening and very useful! I had had my colors “done” many years ago, but Cyndy’s creative and photographer’s eye refined what I thought I knew about what would look best on me. That was only one small part of the workshop, though. Cyndy creates a very holistic approach to how you present yourself in the world — from your personal color palette, to make up, to health and wellness and lifestyle. Cyndy herself is a living example of what she teaches: she is warm, gracious, welcoming and totally puts one at ease in talking about what could be sensitive issues. The workshop was delightful and left me eager for more!”

Susan BravernanLife Coach

“I had the good fortune to hear Cyndy Porter speak at a WIT breakfast – and was so impressed that I signed up for a two-day workshop. Money and time well-spent! To say the workshop was a revelation for me is not exaggeration! It opened my eyes to a lot of things about my style and how I present myself, and gave me very specific, very personal suggestions on little changes that have made a big difference! I pay more attention to how I put myself together every day, and am thrilled with how easy it is to adopt new style habits that simplify the process of getting ready for the day. Cyndy creates an environment that is warm and welcoming, allowing her clients to relax and think freely about what they want their style to be – and how to achieve it. I wish everyone could treat themselves to this workshop – it’s worth it.”

Sally FlynnMcMenamin Consulting Group

“Cyndy is definitely on to something powerful. The information and direction she provided through example and group discussion was spot on. Cyndy’s expert eye for style and inner beauty combine with her methods to make visual magic.”

Rebecca GaitherEvent Planner

“Working with Cyndy taught me so much about my unique style and what works best with my features and personality. She has an uncommon gift at perceiving colors and she opened the door for me to begin to see myself in a different light.”

Wendy KohnstammSales Director

“I had the pleasure of attending Cyndy’s Image and Style workshop and I loved it. I learned so much about who I am, how I project and what truly makes me feel confident and beautiful. The activities were fun, educational and creative. Best of all – I made connections with other women and took tons of beauty secrets home! Thank you Cyndy, you are gem!”

Veronica VannoyBusiness Owner and Graphic Artist

“The Image Styling consultation with Cyndy opened up a whole new world to me and increased my confidence!! Before meeting with Cyndy, I was not aware that the colors and I often wore did not compliment my skin tone. Cyndy worked with me to find my color palate to bring out my natural beauty and radiance. The wardrobe book she provided and personalized for me was eye-opening and very informative. I learned how to wear clothes that accentuate my figure, and it has helped so much!! Shopping is no longer a chore for me anymore now that I know what I am looking for. The consultation was such a great experience that I shared with my Mother. Cyndy is knowledgeable, caring, energetic, and FUN! I was then able learned from Cyndy for my engagement photo shoot! I felt beautiful, comfortable and confident throughout the photo session because I was able to pick a dress that was very flattering. I would highly recommend a Image Styling consultation with Cyndy for anyone. I learned so much and had a great time! Thank you, Cyndy!”

Karina WilsonDental Assistant

“I am thrilled with my stylist work with Cyndy Porter! Cyndy and I worked together for about a total of 8 hours going over my body measurements, my best colors, my face shape, my hair and skin, and then assessed the best clothes, shoes and jewelry for me given my figure, my coloring and my preferences! I learned so very much that was so tremendously invaluable! I cannot believe that I did not know the things I learned about proportion, fit, and complementing my face shape and figure. Prior to this work, I focused erroneously only on colors that suited me best. Now I have a much better understanding of fit and proportion with clothes, and also with jewelry and shoes. I changed my hair style slightly and this too feels much better also.”

Katie HoranPower Mom

“The workshop gave me new insights into how to enhance my own personal style through a better understanding of color, body awareness,and make-up. The women were great, Cyndy is very knowledgeable, plus a lot of fun.”

Margie DoppeltWriter

“I had the pleasure of attending Cyndy’s workshop and I can’t say enough about the process! I learned a ton about myself on a personal level and now I feel empowered to choose the right color clothes that look good on my body. My confidence in this area has greatly increased and I am ready to represent who I truly am to the world. Thank you Cyndy for you loving guidance.”

Mina FiesBusiness Owner

“Oh my, where to begin with all the perks of having Cyndy with Success thru Style give you the once over! I am a woman of 60 years and I guess one gets a bit comfortable in ones skin. Having no idea or even contemplating what we look like to others? Cyndy showed me how wonderful age really is once you know how to go with your flow! How to complement “textured skin” through pattern, jewelry and color. How to bring out the best in your individual style through how you dress everyday. Whether you are dressing up or dressing down you will always feel your best….a uniquely beautiful woman!! And one last note….Your style of walking has everything to do with your style of clothing. Work with it not against it! Thank you Cyndy!”

Emily SeilerBusiness Owner

“Cyndy’s image and style workshop is a must attend for any woman trying to look her best. The collaborative environment, great content and positive attitude is great knowledge to have. I am excited to work with Cyndy to expand my understanding of color, style, customized headshots and more. From an investment perspective, Cyndy’s services are well worth the cost. We all spend $$ on our clothes, accessories and homes but may not be hitting the mark. With Cyndy’s valuable guidance, you will be making better choices for yourself. I highly recommend Cyndy.”

Judy FreemanExecutive Coach

“I’ve been a style phobe most of life, hiding under mostly shapeless colorless clothing. My standard uniform for work was black pants and a turtle neck. I knew for sure that I didn’t want to draw too much attention to myself but what I didn’t realize until I took Cyndy’s workshop was that I was inadvertently sending a message to the world ~ something along the lines of, don’t mind me, I’ll just blend into the woodwork…and that’s not what I wanted. Cyndy taught me to ditch the black, adopt some more flattering colors and necklines, and to give myself permission to feel pretty. I left the workshop standing taller, excited about the prospect of wearing something softer and knowing that how I look sends a clear message to the world about how I feel about myself.”

Robin TuckerLife Coach

“Dynamic and fun, Cyndy totally engages her audience!”

4-Time Emmy Winner Jan FoxHost of FoxTalks

“Cyndy Porter has the vision for knowing how to make a woman feel and look her best! I learned so much from taking her Image and Style Workshop. I strongly encourage you to reserve your spot for her next workshop-you will not be disappointed!”

Tina JohnsonPresident and CEO of JP Events & Consulting

“Thank you for your presentation at the Rock ‘N Rule workshop. As I mentioned, your story touched me and the others in the room. We needed to be reminded that we ARE beautiful, and that image consultation isn’t about makeup and covering things up but truly using our brand wisely and WEARING it!”

Naomi HattawayLeadership Coach + Community Builder + The Relocation Expert