This Valentine’s Day

“Wow, your lucky to have your birthday on Valentine’s Day!”  I’ve been told that all of my life.  I have to admit, I have hated it more than I have enjoyed it.  I was an awkward kid with low self-esteem and not the boys’ favorite.  It was my friends who got the roses and carnations delivered to the classroom, not me.  One year I remember all the buzz that a special guy bought me flowers.  I was so excited by the notion that a boy liked me enough to send me flowers!  I spent the entire day wondering who it could possibly be… 

It turned out that it was my Dad.  

In hindsight, that was really special!  But, as a 15-year-old, it was yet another Valentine’s Day let down.

When I did have a boyfriend, Valentine’s Day was fun, and honestly, most people are in a good mood on February 14th.  It’s a day of celebration, anticipation and romance!

But when I didn’t have romance in my life, I was often left feeling lonely.  My friends were preoccupied and rightfully so.  I’m sad to say, it was not a special day for me most years so I just got used to keeping expectations low – which I have carried with me throughout most of my life.  

Not anymore!  Today, I am excited to celebrate me.  My husband and son always do something special.

What about you?  Do you love cupid’s holiday?

Have you always had a day of romance or have you too been set up for disappointment on this day?

Do you buy your partner a gift?  What do you want to receive?

I know I am an image consultant, not a sex therapist but here’s my idea: 

If you are in a relationship consider buying lingerie.  But make sure it’s something you love; an extravagant luxury that makes you feel beautiful and sexy.  


According to a recent study a whopping 70% of men said all they want for Valentine’s Day is sex!  

And what do the studies say about women?

We want to be desired

We want them to spend time with us

We want to be wined and dined

We want them to get off their phones

We want partners to be vulnerable, nice and attentive

I’ve found the best way to get what I want… is to give him what he wants. I think exquisite lingerie will do the trick!  

If you aren’t in a relationship right now.  Don’t fret.  Celebrate self-love!  What do you want for Valentine’s Day?  Buy it for yourself!  Have a great meal.  Go shopping.  Get a massage.  Take a bath and read a book.  Maybe instead of sexy lingerie, it’s time to invest in comfortable luxurious pajamas!  Below are some ideas.

I wish that I took this advice all of those lonely birthdays.  Be strong and independent and practice self-love. Whether you are in a relationship or not I hope you make it a great day!

Here are some tips on how to buy the right lingerie for you.  What is lingerie anyway???  Simply put, it is women’s underwear and clothing that is worn to bed.  But it has become synonymous with play wear not sleepwear.  There are lots of options.  Do you want pajamas that are cozy and comfortable or do you indeed want to play?  Do you want to be seductive?  Do you want to feel sexy?  The best bet is to follow your style rules.  Wear your best colors and dress for your body type.

Here are some options:


Slips come in all lengths and fabrics.  Some are sheer and some are satin.  This is a great option if you are on the modest side for you can choose a midi length or even full length.  It is also a great choose if you have an oval body type.  In this case you should go with a shorter length and show off your great legs.

The Babydoll

This style is sweet, sexy and also forgiving if you are an oval or have a tummy to conceal.  They are typically short flowy one piece nighties with an empire waist. They can be found sheer or in statin as well as other fabrics.

The Teddie

The Teddie or Bodysuit leaves little to the imagination.  This is for the bold and confident among you.  For a truly sexy look you can add stocking and garter belt.  Any body type can wear these the main ingredient here is to wear it with confidence.

If you are a bit shy of this bold statement, maybe consider wearing it as a surprise under your clothing or put a robe or Kimono over top.

The corset or bustier is even tighter and more revealing than the Teddie. 

Maybe you want to look great and just be comfy and cozy.  Try one of these styles:

A matching set
Boxer pajamas
Mix and match separates
A cami set
A jumpsuit

And here are a few places to buy Lingerie and Pajama’s that aren’t Victoria Secret:

  1. Bare Necessities ( I especially love the range of sizes this site has to offer.
  2. Gap Body ( Not the place for the sexiest lingerie but for decent quality comfy pajamas it has a great selection.
  3. Nordstrom ( My overall favorite.  I love the quality and variety Nordstrom has to offer.  And you can’t beat them for customer service including their return policy.
  4. La Perla (  The absolute most exquisite best quality lingerie you can find!
  5. Journelle (  This site has something for everyone.  Give them a try.



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