What to Wear for Valentine’s Day: your best outfit, under your clothes, and after hours

February 14th, Valentine’s Day 2022, is fast approaching. I am acutely aware, as it’s my birthday! I’ve decided I never want to feel older than 50 so I guess I am celebrating one more 50th birthday – LOL. But as your Image Consultant, let me ask, what plans do YOU have for Cupid’s special day and what will you wear? Do you share this occasion with family and friends? Do you plan a special night or weekend out with your partner? If you’re single, I feel you.  I spent several birthdays giving myself love because I was single and my besties had other plans 🙂 Self Love is important and something I hope you are thinking about this year as V-Day approaches.  As a matter of fact.  Why not think about what makes you feel beautiful and make a decision to do that right now:
  • Buy a new outfit
  • Make it sexy if that energizes you
  • Treat yourself to something sensual
Assuming you are going out on this occasion, I suggest you think of what makes you feel beautiful, romantic and maybe a bit sexy. Dressing sexy is very personal.  One woman’s sexy is another woman’s church outfit.  We all have different levels of modesty with there being no right or wrong.  But knowing yourself, your personal brand, what you want to communicate in general and on any specific occasion is what it’s all about.  Valentine’s Day is the occasion when you may be comfortable showing a bit more leg and cleavage.  Or maybe you want to feel sexy underneath your more conservative outer appearance? Let’s start with what to wear under your clothes. Here is a lineup of brands for women of all sizes and budgets:
  • Bare Necessities where you will find lots of brands for your favorite bras, hosiery, swimsuits and lingerie.  They have a special section right now just for V-Day
  • Nordstrom is one of my favorites and I shop there for EVERYTHING.  They have an amazing lingerie selection as well. You can count on quality, excellent customer service and a generous return policy.
  • Lovehoney is definitely a sexy place to shop for you or for him!
  • Adore Me has a great range of sexy things for women of all sizes and budgets.
  • I’ve been wearing Hanky Panky panties for years. They are comfortable and sexy! They also have bras and teddies and other fun items.  
  • Cosabella Their tagline: Hand-crafted by the finest artisans sourcing and producing the highest quality materials. I love the quality of this line.
  • Victoria Secret You know them and they have a large selection of nightwear to consider.
  • Bluebella Their tagline: Beautiful high-end lingerie designed to inspire and fill you with confidence. Lots of variety for women of all sizes and body shapes.
  • Eberjey has beautiful soft sleepwear and washable silk.  They also have lacy undergarments that might be great for your V-Day romance.  
  • Journelle is a high end shop with lots of brands to choose from.  If you want something a bit racy yet of high quality – this might be for you.
The most important thing about feeling sexy and romantic is to feel confident.  Whatever you wear, wear it for you first and your partner second, if you feel sexy you will act sexy your partner will be happy with whatever that inspires.

So what to wear over your lingerie or in a public setting?

Many women like to adopt bright reds and pinks, shades that are traditional for Valentine’s Day. When I do custom color analysis for my clients, I always make sure it includes their personal shade of red.  A classic red might look great on you or you may be better in a shade that is more pink or burgundy. Just be mindful, hold colors to your face, do you feel it blends nicely with your skin and hair?  If so, wear it with confidence.  With that said, if you don’t love red, you can just add a pop of color in nail polish or pumps. Of course you can always follow your own path and wear another color that makes you feel sexy, romantic and confident. Of course, there is no uniform for this occasion, what you wear under your clothes, after hours and when you are in public all dictate how formal, casual or sexy you decide to dress. But one thing is for sure you should consider your personal brand and dress in a way that expresses who you are. If you don’t yet know your personal brand and how that translates to a visual look check out the Success thru Style™ avatars. You will learn which of these lovely ladies you most relate to:
  • Active Anna – Ease of use. Anna is just as stylish as the other girls, but she refuses to work at it. Simplicity is foremost, maybe a capsule wardrobe. Clothes need to travel well and be low maintenance.
  • Boho Bethany – Low maintenance, flowy style, open-minded to different styles, enjoys hand-crafted items and cultural pieces.
  • Chic Cara – Cara enjoys the trendy items that keep her style up-to-date and enjoys trying new looks often.
  • Classic Claire – Timeless pieces with lowkey colors and opts for a practical approach to clothing.
  • Creative Cleo – Fun, outside the box, and not afraid to be described as “interesting.” Cleo is unconcerned with fitting in. She knows – and likes – her own style.
  • Dramatic Darla – Bold, daring, and attention-grabbing. Darla likes people to stop and look when she enters a room.
  • Feminine Fiona – Fiona loves her feminine essence and wears clothing that is romantic along with high-quality fabrics.
  • Exotic Eva – Eva is worldly and shows it in her style.  She is often found in animal prints, fur, leather and hand crafted items from faraway places.  
  • Sophisticated Sophia – She is polished, and her clothing is elegant and brings her a confident appearance. She’s also a proponent of designer items and perfectly placed accessories.
If you find you relate to more than one you can always combine a few.  This is more common than not.  For example,I mix Creative Cleo, Feminine Fiona and Chic Cara to find the style that most resonates with me. Head over to our Pinterest Boards to see how your avatar/s would dress. 

Here are some suggestions on specific outfits for Valentine’s Day:

A Red Jacket or Pant Suit Depending on your personal style and the occasion a fun red jacket in your version of red might be a nice choice.   A Stunning Maxi Dress A maxi dress is a versatile and flattering option for most women especially those that are tall. Consider choosing a solid red or another color that you would wear more often. In this case dress it up for the special day with red shoes, jewelry, a bag or nail polish. A Red Blouse or Sweater Whether it’s a solid color, striped, or a print, a red blouse is a classic. It can be paired with dress pants, jeans or pleather leggings and be sure to add accessories for extra flair.  A Red Dress  You know that little black dress or maybe a red one that leaves you feeling like a million bucks. If you want to take it up a notch – I love velvet for Valentine’s day – it’s a luxurious and comforting fabric that will make you stand out from the crowd. Velvet’s been on trend the last few years making it appropriate for all occasions, dressy and casual.

Don’t Forget the Details

As a wardrobe stylist, I can tell you the devil is truly in the details! An outfit can be made or broken based on the little things you fine-tune.  Here are some style details to keep in mind when dressing for Valentine’s Day (or any day for that matter):
  • Choose the right colors and shades that compliment your skin tone and match well together 
  • Make sure you clothes are altered and fit your body perfectly
  • Get a hairstyle that is current and flattering
  • Use makeup to emphasize your features 
  • Consider having your nails done
  • Is there a scent that leaves you feeling pretty? This is a nice touch but be sure not to overdo it.
  • Wear jewelry — statement earrings or necklace but not both, a cocktail ring and or bracelet will help you look “finished”
  • A bag that isn’t the same everyday
  • Shoes that interesting and complete the outfit
Have fun. Celebrate the love relationships in your life and don’t forget to give some love to #1 — that’s you! Any questions or comments please reply below.



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