What’s in Style in 2018?

Welcome to 2018!
Did you make a  New Year’s Resolution to be more stylish?  To pay attention to your appearance? To make more time for you?  Do you have a resolution to clear out the clutter and be more intentional of the clothes in your closet?
No matter what your resolution or if you don’t have one at all, it’s helpful  to know what’s going on in the fashion scene. Not necessarily so you can be trendy, but so you know what’s available.  If you know your personal style and your style rules, you will know if any of the trends are right for you.
Let’s take a look at the top 18 list for 2018!

  1. Activism is still in! – (I’m happy to report!) Protest and March slogans moved from the signs onto your clothes in 2017 and they are still hot.  If you have something to say, wear it proudly this season.  If you are a bohemian style, sporty natural or trendy this is a great look for you! Check out some ideas here: https://www.pinterest.com/cyndyporter/slogan-wear/
  2. Big Earrings – If your style is bold dramatic this one may be for you.  When wearing big earrings you may want to minimize your other accessories so as not to overdo it and be sure to keep your scale in mind.  If you are of a larger stature  this will be easy to carry off.  If you are more slight you can still do it if you want to make a statement.  What do you think, are big earringsright for you? https://www.pinterest.com/cyndyporter/big-earrings/
  3. Flowing FloralsYup, still in!  I feel like everywhere you look you see floral prints, it’s on shoes, bags, dresses, jackets, pants, tops even jeans.  Florals  are still expected to be big in 2018 but my guess is this trend will be over soon.  Unless you love, love, love this this feminine look, I would carry it lightly.  Someday soon, flowers will begin to look dated (grandma’s sofa anyone?) If you are a feminine romantic style you will want to wear them forever, but the rest of us may already have enough of this trend in our wardrobe.  Here are some popular Pinterest pins if want an update on this trend: https://www.pinterest.com/cyndyporter/floral/
  4. Fringe Benefits – Just like florals this trend has been around for a while.  I like it and I think it’s fun!  I especially like it in accessories: scarves, shoes, jewelry and bags.  But if you are a bohemian style you may want to incorporate even more fringe in your life..  Take a look at some ideas: https://www.pinterest.com/cyndyporter/fringe/
  5. French Berets – This trend hit the runways in 2017 and is still hot.  It is a flattering look and crosses many style brands (it is classic, elegant/sophisticated, modern/trendy, creative/whimsical, exotic – it comes down to how you style it!)  What do you think, is it for you? https://www.pinterest.com/cyndyporter/french-beret/
  6. Sparkle and Sequins for Daytime??? YES! – If you like a little sparkle go for it.  It is now okay to wear shine and sequins in the daytime.  This is especially good for the feminine styles but, creatives, even elegant sophisticates can use a little sparkle in your lives.  Try it on a bag, shoes, even a top, skirt or jacket.  It also appears to be the Hollywood red carpet trend this year (celebrity ladies at the SAG awards really dazzled). Take a look: https://www.pinterest.com/cyndyporter/sparkle-and-sequins/ (add some SAG images).
  7. Purple Rain (R.I.P. Prince! An icon) – Pantone is calling it Ultra Violet and the fashion world is calling it lavender.  In any regard it’s the color of the year!  It is a cool color and best on women with blue and pink undertones.  Many women are pairing it with its opposite on the color wheel: yellow and gold hues.  Take a look: https://www.pinterest.com/cyndyporter/lavender/
  8. Modern Art – Who was your favorite? Picasso, Monet?  Modern art drawn on your clothes in all the rage.  Take a look especially if you are a creative: https://www.pinterest.com/cyndyporter/modern-art-trend/
  9. Denim – Jackets, pants, dresses it’s everywhere.  Dressed up and dressed down for 2018. To avoid looking too casual, try dark denim. For the elegant/sophisticate, tailored, crisp denim is the way to go for everyday elegance: https://www.pinterest.com/cyndyporter/denim/
  10. Mad for Plaid – Checkered patterns and Scottish tartans are in (but leave your bagpipes at home). Its being showcased in a variety of ways on the runways, from jackets and capes, to skirts and floor length dresses – anyway you cut it, no matter your personal brand, this is a trendy pattern that will still be a classic style when the trend expires. https://www.pinterest.com/cyndyporter/mad-for-plaid/
  11. Plastic (really?) – It’s not what you think! Plastic in patent leather and lucite form is how you can adapt this high fashion trend to avoid looking like you belong in a landfill. Vogue magazine called this a trend that doesn’t take itself too seriously, so it’s great for the creative/whimsical style if you’re going to try this trend in anything other than a shoe. https://www.pinterest.com/cyndyporter/plastic/
  12. Pretty in Pink – It’s not just purple everywhere, pink is also hot (hot pinks to be more precise!)  If warm colors are more in your color wheelhouse, opt for pinks that have more of a red or orange tone. Neon pink, which has more purple in it is a great color for the cool complected among us! https://www.pinterest.com/cyndyporter/pretty-in-pink/
  13. Wide Legged Pants – I’m sure this comes as no surprise, they are everywhere!  Perfect for anyone trying NOT to emphasize the hips.  If that’s the case then count them into your wardrobe for good!  The cropped version of these pants are tricky because they are not as elongating as the kind that go to your feet. https://www.pinterest.com/cyndyporter/wide-leg-pants/
  14. Red Alert – The last color to appear on this list: bright, vibrant reds. Make a head-to-toe statement if you are bold and if this color is in your palette. If not, then use it in a pop of color. Any way you color it, everyone should have a shade of red in their palette! https://www.pinterest.com/cyndyporter/red-alert/
  15. Americana – Whether you think America is great again, or you miss the greatness that was, fashion is celebrating America. Show your spirit with some fun stars and stripes, take a look: https://www.pinterest.com/cyndyporter/americana/
  16. Cowgirl – (different from the above mentioned trend) baroque style embellishments, studs, and fringe were all over the Paris runways this year. There are many ways to exhibit this trend in a tasteful way (think cowgirl inspired instead of dressing like a literal cowgirl). Mix wild west influences with street fashion for a trendy/modern look. Try a bolo tie or bandana with a crisp, white button-down, along with slacks and heels, for something more upscale. Perplexed? Take a look! https://www.pinterest.com/cyndyporter/cowgirl/
  17. Tropicana – Appear beach-ready any season; pastel colors paired with golden browns are in (à la Miami Vice). The perfect trend to try if your personal brand is exotic! https://www.pinterest.com/cyndyporter/tropicana/
  18. Transparencies – The art of suggestion that reached popularity last year (and in the 90’s) continues! Cut-outs with sheer fabric overlays is a good route to go for something more age appropriate (instead of a sheer shirt that doesn’t leave much to the imagination!) Sheer sleeves is also a fun way to make it work! https://www.pinterest.com/cyndyporter/transparencies/

Some have been around for a while and some are brand new.  Some I love and, to be frank, some I hate!  But what doesn’t speak to me may speak to you.  Just narrow down what works best for your personal brand.  Be sure you feel your best in any trend you try so that you wear it with confidence!



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