Style ProTip: When to Shop the Trends

Have you thought about when is the best time to shop?  Do you just do it on impulse or do you plan your shopping trip?

I believe you should always dress and shop with intention.  This keeps those orphans (the items that don’t go with anything) out of your closet and it helps you created complete outfits that work. Updating  your fall wardrobe is easier if you have a plan.  The shops have a plan, so here are some things to consider:

When Should You Shop Early?

  • If you’re warm blooded, you run warm no matter what season it is. Shop early for the lighter weight fabrics like silk/wool blends, cotton jersey, or lightweight cashmere.
  • If you need transitional clothing that bridges two seasons or you plan to layer, shop early. You’ll use these same pieces next spring when the weather is unpredictable.
  • If you get an early peek at all the new trends, you’ll quickly discover what it is you can’t live without. By shopping early you won’t be disappointed if a style sells through and it can’t be found again.
  • If any part of your body is hard to fit (including your feet) shop for the difficult to fit areas immediately so that your sizes will be available.
  • If a coat is high on your needs list, shop early for the best selection.

When Should You Shop in the Middle of the Season?

  • If you run cold, skip the early deliveries and shop in the middle of the season to get the heavier weight wool, thicker cashmeres and 4-ply jersey knits.
  • If you attend holiday events or have a demanding winter social life, shop as soon as the holiday clothes hit the racks. Don’t wait!
  • If glamour is your middle name, anything metallic or anything embellished with sequins or beads is usually showcased in the November timeframe. Shop early before it’s all gone.
  • If you want to add a new color to your wardrobe but it isn’t the first thing you can spend on, you can shop mid-season to see if it’s on sale.

When Should You Shop at the End of the Season?

  • If you desire to expand your coat selection, even though you have the basics, this is a great time to invest in extra coat styles for the different slices of your lifestyle. Maybe you need that grand entrance coat or more athletic, casual jacket. Variety is especially nice when you find it on sale.
  • Go late in the season for handbags unless you have an urgent need. While shoes have to fit you and your size might get sold out early, handbags are higher ticket items that go on sale and can be used for a long time.
  • Novelty items and items in precious fabrics that suit your wants rather than your needs will be further discounted after the holidays.
  • A few accessories that you find at the end of the season–earrings, a watch, a wallet—may be on the January sale table but be practical enough to use all year long. Other items to look for would be pendants that suit your style, a cocktail ring, or a tote bag for work.
Remember it takes years to build an amazing wardrobe that tells your unique story and complements your natural shape and features.  Think about your priorities and your budget and only buy items you LOVE.



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